Omega Zeta Clinics

Advanced integrative medicine


Omega Zeta Clinics are the leading advanced integrative medicine units in Europe. Provided with the most innovative diagnosis and treatment technology, they can assess and treat people in an overall way, making their recovery easier and quicker, preventing diseases and promoting health.

Integrative medicine is a new way of looking at health and disease, putting the human being at the centre of attention for the healing process. It is the basis for the care of all patients and customers of Omega Zeta Clinics.

The Omega Zeta Clinics offer their patients individual, human treatment, with no time limits on appointments, through integrated diagnosis by a top-level multidisciplinary team. Beyond curing disease, the person is treated to achieve effective, lasting solutions. The personalised care style provided also encourages the adoption and maintenance of healthy habits.

Our treatment departments make an integral, multidisciplinary approach, with clinical sessions and exclusive technological systems for assessment. It is a system based on combining conventional medical treatment with natural, non-invasive treatments backed by scientific research. The people who go to Omega Zeta Clinics benefit from the availability of biotechnology and the most advanced diagnosis machines applied to health care by a large, specialised team of recognised standing.

President of the Omega Zeta Corporation

Welcome Sr. Carlos Fradera

Omega Zeta Clinics belong to the Omega Zeta Corporation, founded 50 years ago by Carlos Fradera Pellicer, a businessman, inventor and owner of 500 international PCT patents.

When he was a young man, Carlos Fradera’s curious, inquiring mind led him to question traditional methods. Some years ago, his health was suffering and he decided to look at the causes in depth, together with all possible treatment options. He founded Omega Zeta Clinics based on his own experience, offering a balance between a holistic view of the person, the very best biotechnology applied to diagnosis and treatment, professionals with broad experience, and the combination of traditional and natural medicine.

Today, Omega Zeta Clinics are European leaders in integrative medicine and bioenergy.

“We are proud to help so many people to feel well; to recover; to live better; to be more concerned about their long-term health; and to enjoy their everyday lives once again.
Every person we treat in our clinics benefits from a team of multidisciplinary professionals who approach every case as unique, devoting time, knowledge and advanced technology to it to achieve full recovery, with the active, conscious participation of the patients and those around them.
The life we lead today puts our bodies under great strain. Becoming aware of this and
treating each problem entirely holistically, in an integrated way, makes it possible for people not only to overcome a disease, but also to recover their energy and feel well. This is the main objective of our clinics and provides great satisfaction for the teams of people working in them.”


Medical Director and head of the Integrative Oncology Unit of Omega Zeta Clinics

Presentation Dr. Pere Gascón


Omega Zeta Clinics are different because they practise personalised, integrative medicine. Each of our patients is a unique case and we assess them individually as complete human beings.

The people we care for come to us to be treated, to obtain a second opinion or to check a diagnosis. But in all cases they are looking to prevent disease and fully recover their wellness and that of the people around them, which can often also be seriously affected.

We have treated many patients (more than 6,000) since 2011, with various symptoms, but they all benefit from the combination of an expert multidisciplinary team, with doctors, health staff and professional therapists available to them without a set time limit, and the most innovative technologies applied to health.

We have highly advanced therapeutic departments in our clinics. Thanks to our integrative approach, as well as overcoming disease, we re-establish people’s wellness.

My personal involvement in this project allows me to scientifically advise and support medicine that seeks to help each person recover from a holistic point of view. After many years of research and international clinical practice, this challenge makes it possible to achieve the medicine we all want for the future – medicine that considers us as whole people and promotes our long-term health.

Managing Director of the Omega Zeta Andorra Clinic

Presentation Sra. Nadia Sopena

The Omega Zeta Andorra Clinic is the first integrative private medical clinic in the country. Our treatment departments make an integral, multidisciplinary approach, with clinical sessions and exclusive technological systems for assessment. Our coordinated team of health professionals of recognised standing from various specialities work together to offer effective treatment. We also have the most advanced technologies and top-level facilities in an exceptional location in the middle of Andorra. In summary, we offer patients individual, human treatment, with no time limits on appointments, and integrated diagnosis with a multidisciplinary approach. We are members of Andorra Health Destination and we work actively so that Andorra can become a leading health and wellness tourism destination.