Andorra Health Destination

Health and wellness Andorra

Clínica Omega Zeta Andorra is a member of the Andorra Health Destination. The AHD is an association promoted by Andorra Business with the collaboration of private companies in the services sector (health, well-being and hospitality) which aims to promote health tourism in Andorra. Clínica Omega Zeta Andorra is one of the companies driving the project from the beginning and is a member of the entourage. In this association we collaborate with hotels, wellness centers and health centers with the support of the country’s economic promotion agency.

From the AHD platform, the Clinic offers four medical programs in the “pack” format (chronic pain, anti-stress, sports medicine and integrative medicine) as experiences focused on health tourism. So, in addition to a healthy environment such as Andorra, we offer you, within the Andorra Health Destination, high-value professionals and services that will allow you to enjoy your experience even more in our little one. great country.