Bioenergetic Medicine Unit

The human being is far more than a mass of physical organs and cellular reactions. We are also made up of spiritual, emotional and mental components that silently express themselves at the same time.

The Bioenergetic Medicine Unit is designed to prevent illness, with a holistic vision of the human being, where energy is viewed as the base of everything and the language of the unconscious. The Bioenergetic Medicine Unit uses biomedical engineering technology to detect biochemical and biophysical imbalances that alter patients’ stability and predispose them to illness. The idea is to restore and maintain balance.


The knowledge stemming from the use of electromagnetic fields and research in quantum physics applied to the medical field has led to the development of state-of-the-art applied medical biotechnology. That technology, which in many cases is exclusive and patented, is now available for the patients of Andorra as an aid in diagnoses that affords more individualised treatment. It is essential that this biotechnology be used by qualified doctors with accredited experience. At the Clínica Omega Zeta Andorra, we have the latest advances in this field.

Mora bioresonance: This therapy uses electromagnetic waves to measure and balance a person’s energy. This enables us to diagnose the presence of parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses. It also detects the concentrations of heavy metals and toxic products and the levels of vitamins and minerals. Finally, it enables the diagnosis of food intolerances, neurodegenerative processes and disorders in the endocrine and nervous systems.

Multiple wave oscillator: A multiple wave oscillator generates an electrical field that forces each cell of the body to vibrate in keeping with the original structure of the stem cell. It can be used as a complete therapy for the whole body or it can be placed on a specific area of inflammation or imbalance. This system makes it possible to treat a wide range of disorders, including those affecting the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, metabolic syndrome, skin disorders, autoimmune diseases, depression, structural pain or injuries and cancer.

Bemer: Electromagnetic stimulation is used to activate the capillary circulation, optimising nutrient and oxygen reception in each and every cell. This system is extremely helpful in processes involving pain and inflammation, wound healing, sports injury recovery and physical training optimisation. It promotes the body’s self-healing and regeneration processes.

OligoScan: This is a medical device used to detect mineral deficiencies and excesses in the body’s tissues, as well as possible heavy metal poisoning, oxidative stress and changes in the body’s acid-base balance. This is a quick and painless way to run a complete and personalised examination of the body, for optimised subsequent treatment.