Family Medicine and Holistic Health Unit

The Family Medicine and Holistic Health Unit of the Clínica Omega Zeta Andorra has taken on a new approach to health and illness, placing the human being and the complete recovery of their wellness at the centre of the care process.

partial view of cosmetologist putting needles on womans forehead during acupuncture therapy in spa

Each individual patient who comes to the Family Medicine and Holistic Health Unit is given a comprehensive assessment of his/her overall functional state, receiving close, personalised care from an expert doctor in this specialty (reason for the consultation, clinical history, conventional treatments received, usual diet, physical exercise, etc.) with no time constraints regarding the length of their visit.

An individualised treatment plan is then designed, taking into account all the different factors and needs of the patient and his/her family. The aim is to apply the appropriate therapies, to help the body to recover its health. The treatment plan will vary, depending on the specific characteristics and needs of each person.

Each diagnosis and treatment is the product of a multidisciplinary approach, where different therapists treat different aspects of the patient and the medical director supervises the entire process, accompanying the patient in his/her recovery. The recovery plan may include changes in diet and vitamin and mineral supplementation, alongside other therapies such as osteopathy and psychological support.

Our primary aim is always to help improve our patients’ quality of life, teaching them to generate their own resources to recover and improve their health.