Foot and Ankle Pathology Unit, Institut Rabat

The Hospital Quirón’s Institut Rabat, a pioneer technical and human team in conservative and surgical treatments of the foot and ankle, offers precise and personalised integrative medical care.


The Clínica Omega Zeta offers close, unique care, combining pioneer techniques such as stem cell therapy with the top professionals in this field.

The Institut Rabat offers diagnostic sonography, growth factors, vascular tests and MRIs with podiatric studies, osteopathic follow-ups and integrative physical therapy.

Minimally invasive surgical and arthroscopic procedures, using the most advanced techniques, facilitate the patient’s swift recovery and return to daily life.

Professional athletes, patients who have undergone past procedures with negative after effects, instability, injuries, pain and any deformity that affects the foot and ankle are sure to improve by the hand of the finest professionals in this field.

At the Clínica Omega Zeta, we rely on the quality of our professionals with the guarantee of the most cutting-edge technology, to ensure your health and wellness.