Integrative Neuropsychiatry Unit

Mental health, together with other pathologies, is among the most prevalent group of illnesses affecting people in developed countries today. The diverse emotional manifestations seen throughout history have made for a vast body of literature on this subject and scientific evidence clearly demonstrates the existence of a synergy between the digestive and nervous systems.


The Clínica Omega Zeta brings together the leading specialists in integrative neuropsychiatry to help recover wellness in the multidimensional aspects of the human being, with practitioner-patient relationships built on trust and compassion and a multidisciplinary follow-up.

The comprehensive treatment is carried out by qualified professionals who approach the symptoms of the physical body as part of a whole that includes the entire background that has generated the symptoms.

We specialise in the study of specific analytical parameters, such as deficiencies in dietary minerals, essential amino acids, vitamins and intestinal flora, as part of a systemic approach.