Bemer physical vascular therapy


At the Omega Zeta Andorra Clinic, we have the most advanced technology for recovering wellness without side effects.

Bemer (bio-electro-magnetic-energy-regulation) physical vascular therapy is a biomedical tool which activates microcirculation using different intensity broadband signals, improving symptoms naturally.

Bemer physical therapy restores lost blood microcirculation. It activates circulation in the capillaries in such a way that the cell obtains maximum nutrients and oxygen at microscopic level.

Proper microcirculation is the basis for vitality, performance, health and general wellbeing.  As well as sufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to the affected tissue, activating microcirculation ensures the transport of toxins and products of cell breakdown.

The benefits of self-cure and regeneration of the body are obtained with daily application.

Bemer physical vascular therapy improves the health of the immune system, enhances physical and mental performance, makes stress management easier, heals wounds and eliminates injuries, inflammation and sporting or muscular/tendon pain.