Biomechanical skiing study


At the Omega Zeta Andorra Clinic, we have the most advanced technology to make a biomechanical skiing study, which allows the skier to know the exact area of their footprint and force of their imprint.

The biomechanical skiing study recreates the practice of this sport in a simulator collecting technical data and making it possible to measure the pressure of the sole of the foot in the sideways displacement of the technical movement of skiing.

The purpose of the biomechanical skiing study is to quantify the load each area of the foot has to withstand and manage to re-establish the movement and make sure it operates perfectly.

The ski simulator also makes it possible to assess the degrees of bending of the knees and hips in each phase of lateral movement, so that it can detect joint asymmetries.

The biomechanical skiing study encourages postural re-education of the body, improves limb movement and reduces impact in different skiing situations.