Biomechanical walking and footprint study

estudi de la martxa i petxada

A Biomechanical walking and footprint study is an exploration using the most advanced technology with which the Podiatry Unit analyses the position of the feet when standing and moving, as well as the behaviour of the knees, hips and back. Many disorders of the locomotory apparatus are caused by our way of walking, running or standing.

A Biomechanical walking and footprint study is the best option for determining structural disorders and for preventing future injury, as it analyses the overall posture of the body and the muscular tensions caused.

With the most advanced technology we have at the Omega Zeta Clinic, we analyse the pressure points in movement, making it possible to differentiate the reception, load and impulse stages occurring during movement and allowing correction, if necessary, with personalised insoles.

Personalised insoles, when appropriate, eliminate muscle and joint pain, improve mobility and stability, increase physical and sporting performance, correct bad habits and prevent future injuries.