Zeron cold laser


At the Omega Zeta Andorra Clinic, we have the most advanced Zerona cold laser technology for body remodelling, which, applied by our professionals, will help to reduce volume and fat located in the hips, waist and thighs.

This non-invasive laser emulsifies adipose tissue and releases excess fat into the interstitial space. Afterwards, the excess fat is eliminated from the body during the normal detoxification process. The cold laser makes it possible to lose up to 9 centimetres in just two weeks, accompanied by a personalised nutrition and drainage programme.

The Zerona cold laser we use at the clinic works through the painless creation of a small pore in the fat cell wall. While the cell remains alive and healthy, the fat filters outside it via the open pore. The body then eliminates the fat safely via the lymphatic system.

The catabolism of fat is a strictly regulated process requiring a set of proteins, enzymes and hormones to cause the lipolysis of the adipose tissue. Adipocytes largely store fatty material, such as triglycerides, three chains of fatty acids connected by a single glycerol molecule.

So that the triglycerides can be mobilised, specialised enzymes known as hormone-sensitive lipases have to break down this structure. This process is called lipolysis and it occurs within the adipocyte. Various hormones and proteins have to be released to modulate this biochemical signalling, interacting with the receivers joined to the membranes.

Our Zerona cold laser technology avoids this complex process, as it creates temporary pores in the adipocytes’ protective membranes. The stored lipids and fatty material cross the membrane via the temporary pores and go into the interstitial space, where the lymphatic system can easily eliminate the fatty residue. The formation of temporary pores makes it possible to omit a key step in the catabolism of fat with the photochemical release of fatty material.